25+ best free fonts 2013

Now a days  typography plays very important role to deliver your message without you actually having to say much at all. Using the right fonts and icons in the correct places and at the right time can really enhance your idea and your goal to enhance your website or your business at the top. There are millions of different fonts and icons available online but the creative things are less to click your idea at the top. In this post we have selected the best fonts ever made in the typography industry to convey the idea which clicks the theme of that relevant project.

 1. Nexa: light and bold

 2. Moonshiner

3. Oranienbaum

4. Source Sans Pro

5. Benthem

6. Weston

7. Urban Jungle

8. Prime Free Techy Font

9. Code

10. Val

11. Muncie

12. Geared

 13. Fat Frank

14. Good Intent Typeface

15. Metropolis free font

16. Intro free font

17. Cubanno

18. Bemio

19. Mocha


21. Prosto free font

22. opium

 23. Che’s Bone

 24. CODE Pro

 25. Fabrica

26. Nougatine



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